I have a strong affinity toward buying dresses.  I tend to always gravitate toward that section of a store. When we moved recently Stephen thought it would be fun to count them one day. I discouraged that thought.  Why did that matter? J I have new ones and really old ones. Ones that remind me of a special event or occasion. One thing is certain in every one of those dresses, the hem of a garment is so important. Often mine will come unraveled. I have to then ask my mother-in-law to sew it up for me, because I never learned the art of sewing. The strands of a hem are significant because they are woven together to create a masterful straight line.

In Luke Chapter 8 we see a moment where the hem of Jesus’ garment changes one lady’s life forever.   Healing. Peace. Comfort. Hope. Encouragement. Those ALL flowed from His garment on that particular day. God impressed upon my heart as I was studying this passage, “Julie they all still flow from me today in 2020.” 

As our family’s schedule has recently gone from a simplified one to an amplified one, I have been a little anxious and at times overwhelmed. As the car line has rendered a much longer wait, I found myself quietly longing for a day of quarantine. We are all trying to find our footing again and for so many people life just still looks different and/or the great loss they have experienced will never be fully replaced.

The Lord impressed upon my heart that with so many eyes looking for relief, we only need to touch His hem. There is only One who has the power to provide lasting peace, hope, and encouragement. The hem of our Lord’s garment will always reign sufficient.

In Luke 8: 43-48 we see four things that God laid on my heart.

  • Power of the Hem- This lady had suffered for 12 years with constant bleeding and she could not find a cure (verse 43). Oh, but she did that day. Upon touching the hem of Jesus’ garment, IMMEDIATELY the bleeding stopped. The power that flowed through that hem of His robe was and is life changing. He still renders that power today.
  • Press In- We see in this passage that Jesus was surrounded by large crowds. Yet, one lady from within the crowd pressed in. She found her way to The Master. She was desperate for a miracle.  In a crowd of that size, she was not the only one in need of a miracle. Yet, she was the only one in the crowd who displayed the courage to PRESS IN to The Master.
  • Personal Touch- Jesus asked, “Who touched me?” in verse 45. This woman was afraid of what would happen next.  She was trembling in fear when she fell down at Jesus’ feet to explain why she had touched Him.  A crowd staring at her in judgment and disbelief. A crowd watching to see how Jesus’ would respond.  The Jesus whom I love and serve looked down upon this lady with mercy, love, and grace.
  • Peace was Provided– “And he said to her, Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in Peace.”  (Luke 8:48) I love that the word daughter is used. My dad would always use that word as a term of affection. While so many things are rushed and hurried, sitting at Jesus’ feet will always provide peace and rest.
Her faith made her well. She believed if she pressed in and touched the hem of His robe that she would be healed.  Faith over Fear.  As I pray for an awakening, a revival in our country- oh that we would touch the hem of Jesus’ garment. It starts with those who believe in His power, who believe in His grace, who believe in His mercy, who believe in His infinite wisdom. That we would stop in the middle of our crowds and seek out the only one who has the power to change hearts and lives. The only one who has the ever-lasting remedy. The only one who can bring everlasting hope, encouragement, and peace. Would you press in and touch the hem of His garment today?