ISAIAH 41:10

“So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Julie Cannon is an enthusiastic and motivational speaker who loves The Lord. She began her relationship with The Lord at the age of 7 at the church where her father pastored for over 30 years.

Julie has a passion for ministering to women and to those families who are engaged in ministry. She has written a six-week devotional book entitled, “The Shared Spouse” for ministry families. Julie is currently finishing her next writing project entitled “More Than Just a Number” designed specifically for women.  Julie loves teaching, equipping, and investing in the next generation. She has spent the past 22 years doing just that in churches & communities throughout the Upstate.

Julie has 20 years of experience in ministry having served on church staff at several churches in roles ranging from education to leadership to preschool and student ministry.  She is a certified school guidance counselor and is also a Blackaby Certified Spiritual Leadership Coach.

Julie has been married to Stephen Cannon for 20 years, and they have three children, Natalie, Tyler, and Ruthie.




A Collection of Memorable Moments & the Enduring Life Lessons That Follow

In our house, quarantine has quickly become the dreaded word of 2021.  It has ascended to top the charts above phrases such as “clean your room”, “no more electronics”, and “eat your vegetables”. 
The nurse entered the room and said, “Mrs. Hammett it is time for your infusion to begin.” My frail, yet determined mom, entered the room where the medicine would begin to drip. It was always a slow process…
I had forgotten about the power of the pen. My six-year-old was looking through her school yearbook from last year and seemed a little sad. She looked at me and asked, “Do you think my friends from last year still remember me?”…
I have never been one to enjoy interruptions. The very nature of the word means a distraction; to stop or break the continuity of an activity. I thrive on a schedule. A routine plan is music to my structured soul. I think it brings comfort and joy to know…
I have a strong affinity toward buying dresses.  I tend to always gravitate toward that section of a store. When we moved recently Stephen thought it would be fun to count them one day. I discouraged that thought.  Why did that matter?I have new ones and really old ones…
It was the first day of school. Three new schools in a brand-new community. This year I was packing masks along with lunch boxes. At 6:00 a.m. one child was singing, “Sunshine in my Pocket,” one was still snoozing, and one was organizing supplies in a backpack…
I have always hated to wait. It hasn’t really ever mattered what I had to wait on, I have just never liked the prospect of being still.  It has to be ironic that I was the one to move to a new city with a broken foot in the middle of a pandemic.  I have never been a risk taker…
A blue pencil box has quickly become one of my youngest daughter’s favorite possessions.  When school was cancelled she began asking, “When can I get my pencil box from school?” I told her it would be a while. I went to Dollar General to buy her a new one…
I have always had a hard time letting go. When my mom first took me to kindergarten, I cried for days. The teacher’s assistant, precious Mrs. Wingo, would give me extra love.  She would sneak me into a side room and give me extra cookies after nap time.
I’ve heard the phrase “I just want things to go back to normal” many times the past few days. The things my children often complain about were now their heart’s desire…
Stephen and I have three kids at three different ages in very different seasons of life. It is completely overwhelming to me at times that The Lord chose me to be their mother…
As a planner, I have a strong dislike for the word tentative. It means that something is uncertain or provisional. There is a hesitancy involved. I had much rather prefer words like consistent…
 One of my favorite things to do is sit on the porch while watching the birds come to the feeder. When the weather is nice, my preferred place for my morning quiet time is on the porch with my open Bible and a very large cup of coffee…
I found myself sitting here this past week. The waiting room. The very word wait makes me cringe. I don’t like it. The sitting. The unknown. The fear of what’s going to be said once the doctor walks in…
When I was pregnant, I was frequently asked many questions and often from strangers. At times, it would feel like the great inquisition. Questions would typically go in this order…


Empower Others For Everyday Living

Our Container Capacity


Julie grew up as a preacher’s kid and is now a pastor’s wife. She felt the call to write a book specifically designed for spouses engaged in ministry.  She draws upon experiences that have included sleepless nights, defeat, and discouragement to offer a word of encouragement to families called to ministry.  Claiming God’s promise to the prophet Jeremiah, “Do not be afraid…for I am with you and will rescue you.” Julie weaves personal life events and scriptural insights into a six-week Bible study designed to help the family who is serving God.
Section Titles:
Answering The Call
Protecting Each Other
Transitions in the Making
Family Ties
Sharing, Sizzling, & Spent Sundays
Navigating Church Conflict

Devotion Titles:

Stale Clay
Safeguard Your Marriage
Hospital Pit-Stops
The Pastor (i.e. my husband) Fired Me
U-Hauls & Two Men and a Truck
Bitter or Better
Finding Favor on Level Ground
Julie has been working on this book project for three years. She is in the finishing stages of “More Than Just a Number.” It is a devotional written for women to encourage and inspire.
You live in a world defined by numbers. They are everywhere you go and define so much of your society. The number on a scale, the grade point average on your report card, the number of points you scored or your athletic team scored, the number of friends that “liked” your most recent social media post, the number in your bank account, the number of direct reports to you in your office, your age, number of years you have been single or married, etc…The list is endless.
This book takes a look at what numbers occupy much of our time and energy and what actually matters to The Lord.
Devotion Titles:
The Dreaded Scale
Hormone Havoc
The Cover-Up
Soup Only Please
Filled to the Brim
A Root Reset
37 is a Good Age to Be
Drink The Cup




Julie is available to lead workshops and retreats for your group of any size and is available to speak on a variety of topics including, but not limited to: 

Thriving, Not Surviving; Seasons of Grace; The Shared Spouse; Intentional Investments; Rags to Riches; Hormone Havoc; When Christ Calls Your Name; & The Dreaded Scale
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